About us


It's about time to open up to the world, to explore dark avenues, applications, and methods.

Citizen of this world that we are, strangers to each other's cultures, and societies, at the same time.

In creating this humble site, we hope to bring you, or us closer to each other, You get my drift so far? Good, then let's start. I strongly believe, your presence here is not by choice, but rather by faith. Coincidence, or synchronicity, the attracting curiosity is well founded, and why not?

You want to check this particular site out, it's all good, and fair enough to say '' you are up in the go". You know, about our changing subjects our openness to the all, you know about our efforts in making every visitor a part of our family, without any strings attached, and you want to know even more, about our agenda, positions, inclination, and our scoops, as you can see our material, articles, art, comedy, photography, and politics, subjects of our concern as American International, or universal active citizens do not come from pillows, as in pillow talk. We deal in reality, absurd as it may strike you, but its real! As in “this shit is real". For real?

Unless you want to feel free by participating with the rest of us in contributing yours? Here and now as you could see this is the place to put it to rest, ego wise , to simplify, to share, and to help each other feel good, see other hidden horizons, what you know?

The truth behind closed closets! To be with us, as one, to discover, to enlighten us, as we want to be with you freely, lovable, concerned member of our family at www.freebladi.com

Here you are free to criticize constructively, and please do, cease the opportunity, give your best to your new family of friends, and to enjoy yourself warmly. We intend to provide exactly that high note in your happiness, satisfaction, and the sense of belonging in our universe, place, or the ultimate zone of the audacious few crazies, genius, savvy. Do I sound high? I hope you like these welcoming suggestive words, and their love vibration...Warning. Warning; You are in for many surprises, a mind blowing trip, in conclusion; This world is crazy. But it's a thought! the thought that counts, is what we are all after. Thank you. Richard Azzouz.

The Major welcomes you in his crazy world of literary Paradise, called